Alignment Therapy

Alignment Therapy is a form of deep-tissue manipulative massage that incorporates range of motion and therapist movement in order to get to the deepest of tissues without causing discomfort.

Therapists at the Lamont Alignment Clinic begin by assessing the client’s daily job, function, stresses and habits. Through learning how clients live, therapists can ascertain how the body became unaligned and create a catered treatment to work the origin or root of the dysfunction.

What is Alignment Therapy?

Alignment Therapy is a muscular/fascial manipulation in which therapists use range of motion and friction to lengthen bound tissue

How long is a traditional treatment?

Traditional treatments are 90-120 minutes in length and include a structural assessment and coaching on a retraining exercise. We have adjustable times for client scheduling and budget considerations.

What do i bring to my appointment?

Please bring some assessment clothing as your therapist will complete a physical assessment with you. Therapists perform physical assessments to determine which areas of your body are out of alignment as well as which joint movements create discomfort and or experience lack of quality in movement.

Assessment clothing for males: boxer briefs, briefs, or basketball shorts. (tank top optional) For females: full coverage bra and underwear, 2-piece swimming suit, or tank top and flexible short

Do I have to go through all 12 treatments?

No, our therapists are trained in structural assessment and will cater treatments to your body specifically. The 12-series treatments work the body in its entirety leaving no part undone. We recommend individual custom tailored treatments when clients do not feel the need for full bodyalignment treatment.

What is the recommended time between treatments?

We recommend taking a week between treatments to allow for adjustment time as well as retraining time with the simple exercises assigned after treatment.

What are the LACʼs hours?

Monday-Friday 9-6
Saturday 9-4
(Last appointment taken at 4:30 PM)

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